I’ve spent over a decade working in healthcare communications and public outreach. For me, it’s a good day when I connect people to information and resources that will improve their lives and ease their pain or worry. I deeply believe in meeting people where they’re at, which takes commitment to listening, understanding and responding authentically to their needs.

I’ve also seen a lot of the “sausage-making” that goes on in the healthcare industry, often to the detriment of patients. Those days aren’t so good.

Why Cannabis?

In the summer of 2019, I paused, took a look at my healthcare career trajectory, and asked myself whether my work aligned with my personal values. It did not.

And as I connected with others in the cannabis community, I learned that I wasn’t alone in this regard. Many of us came to the industry after seeing the power of cannabis and hemp in our own lives, or in the lives of our family members and friends.

What brought you to cannabis? I’d love to connect and hear more about your story.